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Underbody Coating

Underbody Coating

In Indian road conditions, a cars underbody is most prone to corrosion. Underbody coating provides long term protection from corrosion to car’s underbody. It also protects parts like internal body panels, frame rails and other inner cavities that are not physically accessible but are prone to corrosion.

  • Minimizes Sound: It minimizes the sound from underneath the car resulting a noiseless, smooth driving experience.
  • Heat Insulation: It insulates the interior of the car from extreme temperatures from beneath the vehicle providing a comfortable cabin experience.
  • Anti-chipping property: If any stone hits the coating it does not get chipped away hence protects the underbody from exposure to water.

3M, Elvi Bardahl, Horizon, Wuerth Santro, All New Santro, i10, i20, Grand i10, Xcent, Elite i20 1431 prevents rusting
3M, Elvi Bardahl, Horizon, Wuerth Venue, Accent, Verna, Verna 4S, Elantra, Creta, Santa FE 1716 prevents rusting

Disclaimer: These are indicative prices. For details kindly contact your dealer.

*GST will be extra